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I know some RNs go to medical schools later. Are there a lot of them?

As far as I know clincial experience from RN work definitely helps for medical school applications, also a lot of RNs work with doctors side by side. I just got a bit surprised why there aren't many nurses going to medical school later, are they just love their jobs too much to leave?


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Medical school and residency is a long road, and then there's tuition bills that are difficult to pay on a resident's salary and so the interest grows on your student loans. Admissions isn't easy either. Assuming you have the grades, it still could take several years of applications to get into a med school.

It's do-able, but you have to really want it.


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Someone told me that the statistics on acceptance to med school from RN's applicants were less than 10%.


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That seems pretty good. Any idea how that compares to non-RN apps?


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:confused: Is that 10% of the RN's that apply are accepted or 10% of Med School students were RN's?
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I would love to go to med school, more for the knowledge and because I just think that it would be interesting. I absolutely think that I could do it. Do I want to be a doctor? Not at all... I wouldn't want the hours, the loooong residency, the huge debt that I would accumulate, and the list goes on. I think that bein an RN first would be really helpful in school, procedure wise, interpersonal interaction wise, and just being exposed to hospital life and the flow of things.


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Hi! RN to MD??? Think about it. I'm an MD to RN! It took me 9 years to become a doctor and I don't regret it. I love studying, learning new things and even hospital works. We were actually like nurses when I was a clerk. I just hate the reprimands I get from my seniors.

I worked in a secondary hospital (in my beloved country) for 2 years and sad to say... I'm not happy. Doctors are really put under a lot of stress. For me, it is not the physical stress, I have had duties for 48 hours straight and I can handle it, but the psychological and emotional stress is really a problem.

Patients now always sees an opportunity to blame and sue a doctor. .:mad:

I'm studying nursing right now and hopefully graduate next year.

I think I'd be happier as a nurse. :D


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10% of the RN's that apply are accepted.


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When I was in nursing school, there was a gal a couple of years behind me beginning her training. I cannot remember what country she was from but she was a doctor in her country. Strange thing was, she was having trouble with the requirements of nursing school. She found it hard. Thought that was interesting. :)


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Education in another language can be difficult. It's one thing to have basic communications skills in a secondary language, a.k.a playground language, but entirely different for secondary language academic skills. That's one of the big problems with the immigrant student population in US schools.

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Everything I have ever seen, hear or read shows that BSN degree has a *very* low acceptance rate to medical school...more so than any other degree. Of course there are RN's in medical school, it's not like they don't get in. There are a lot of factors that go into getting accepted.

I have seriously considered going to med school but who really wants $150,000 worth of debt and working 80 hours a week for $32K a year as a resident for who knows how long?! Also most general practitioners are certainly not rich.

But no doubt about it medical school is BY FAR harder than nursing school...it doesn't even compare. I think it would be fascinating though! Going to school in a country where your native language is not spoken has got to be **very hard** whether your a doctor or a carpet cleaner, it doens't mean they are not smart enough or that those of us who were born here are somehow smarter.



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I am surprised that nobody has mentioned that nurses have very DIFFERENT jobs than doctors. I always get annoyed when people refer to doctors as an extension of nursing or a higher up nurse.

Right now I have no desire to be a doctor. I want to be a nurse.

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