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I have been a home health RN case manager for 21 + yrs and would love to do something else such as with coding or health information management . Anyone have any advice on how and where the best place is to go for this kind of training ?

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If you can find a job that trains, clinical documentation improvement is great and also gets you into the coding world. After a few years and certification, remote jobs can be available. ACDIS (acdis.org) has an relatively inexpensive 'apprentice' program that supposedly gives some basic training, not sure if it's useful in getting a position. The RN coder training courses I have seen are MUCH more expensive and honestly, most coding positions will want an AHIMA credential.

Consider going in to telephonic case management, your experience would be really helpful. The hours are great and the pay is pretty darn good for no weekends or holidays.

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