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RN looking to advance in her career!!

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Would have kids now and go to school later or have kids later and go to school now?

  1. 1. Would have kids now and go to school later or have kids later and go to school now?

    • Kids now, school will always be there
    • School now, to provide better for future kids
    • No kids at all
    • No interest in going back to school
    • Im in the same indecisive boat

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Hello nursing community, I am seeking some advice and guidance. I am 26 years old have a BSN and have been a nurse for a year now. I have been working on a cardiac/telemetry & stroke floor. I am however starting a 12weeks critical care class at the hospital where I currently work. I am doing this not only because I enjoy learning, but because I am trying to achieve a position in the ICCU. Okay here is where the need for guidance comes into play..... So I KNOW I want to go back to school, that has always been the plan, and I KNOW I want to have children. My husband is 34 years old and is trying to get into a nursing program so therefore I will not be going back to school until he is finished and has worked a year. Also there are no CRNA schools near where we live so we would have to move away from our family/support. So here is my pickle.. I know that CRNA school is hella hard and time consuming. I am however concerned about waiting till I am in my early-mid thirties to have children. I am also curious how people can afford 65,00 in tuition and moving. So even though I believe I would be more fulfilled as a CRNA I have been looking at the NP programs because it can be done online. I know anything is possible with the right attitude, but I want to know how some of you guys did it or are doing now.

Thank you all so much for you input and advice! :yes:


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One of my best friends in class is having twins at the age of 42. There are several people in their mid-thirties waiting to get through school before children. It definitely can be done. If it's something you know you will love, I say go for it.

I'm in your boat. I chose CRNA school and I will just have children in my 30s. You'll always have regrets if you don't go the CRNA route. I started NP school and dropped out.

Thanks lady _stic. That was my original plan to just wait for children till I'm in my 30's, I guess I worry that if I wait till later in life it will be way more difficult to conceive. Do you mind if I ask why you dropped out of NP school?

My goal before nursing school was to become a CRNA, but I was stuck on a med-surg floor for 2 years. It was difficult to get a job in an ICU in my area so I applied to NP school. I quickly realized that my heart wasn't in it and took an ICU job out of town so that I could gain the experience needed for CRNA school. Two years later, I'm 2 months into my anesthesia program and although it's the most difficult thing I've ever done, it's also the most wonderful and exciting thing I've ever done! I will be just shy of 30yo when I graduate and I honestly wouldn't be too worried about not being able to conceive. Things always work out the way it should. I just recently let go of the idea that I needed to be married with 2 children by the age of 30. Lol. Be positive, live and follow your dreams. :)

Also, my husband and I both moved out of state to attend CRNA school. Neither of us are working and are living off student loans so it can definitely be done. I'd advise you to save up as much as possible before starting but money shouldn't be a hindrance because there are many financial resources available.