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RN license investigation

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Hi, I need help with my RN license. Just learned from CA BRN about an accusation which happened 4 yrs ago (2011) at a hospital i worked for just 4 mths. This was a miscommunication between a verbal order a doctor gave at bedside and what he later wrote in the chart at the nurses station. During investigation, the doctor even told the investigator that he might have given me that verbal order at the bedside, but he can't remember, because we were busy that particular day. I'm down here in NC on a contract for the past 2 yrs and not intending going back to Ca to practice. i hired an attorney in CA with the intention to fight for reprimanding settlement, but he's advising me to rather surrender the CA license since i'm not coming back to CA to work. My concern is if i surrender the CA license, will it affect my NC license? My attorney said he doesn't know about NC law, so please i need some help to determine what will happen to NC license if i surrender my CA license.


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I would not surrrender my license. Each license affects every other license you will ever get including the one you have now. I would read some of the stories here, and then find a new attorney.

If a nurse surrenders their license, the disciplinary hearing still continues and when the findings are made, the nurse is required to report them to their current BON. Also,does the NC BON require nurses to report if they are being investigated by another jurisdiction? If so, you are better off self reporting sooner, rather than later.

Agree with Selfie, find a new attorney, look on The American Association of Nurse Attorneys website.

I would contact an attorney in NC to discuss this. If you were covered by malpractice insurance, ask. Find a legal nurse consultant that can research this answer for you.

We can not give legal advice per AN TOS, however, I would get additional legal advice from experts.

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Have you contacted your malpractice insurance carrier? Many offer representation at BON hearings as part of your coverage. Alternatively, make sure you have a lawyer who is familiar with nurse licensure- contact TAANA (TAANA Executive Office - Home) for a consultation, especially if the lawyer you've hired in CA isn't familiar with licenses. As he/she is advising you to surrender your CA license, I'm leaning toward thinking he/she isn't- whatever happens to your license in one state can and most likely will affect your license in another state. When I get the newsletter from my state BON, the majority of license sanctions are drug/alcohol related. Most of the remainder has to do with sanctions on my state's license as a result of sanctions on another state's license. Don't risk it without insuring you have competent advice from someone familiar with nursing licensure.