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RN jobs in NC/SC

Shadi134 Shadi134 (New) New

Hiya... I'm currently in Buffalo, NY and currently looking to move to the Carolina's..how's the job market?, starting pay? Any tips would be appreciated thanks

calivianya, BSN, RN

Specializes in ICU.

Starting pay for new grads is low $20s/hr. It goes a pretty long way - if you really want to live somewhere awful, you can rent for $300-$400/month. Renting nice places will depend on your city, but may be in the $800 range. Either way, you'll take home at least $2200/month after taxes, so your housing costs will probably be somewhere around 1/3 of your pay or less.

The job market's pretty good - almost everyone who graduated with me had jobs before they graduated, and I have gotten interview call backs for pretty much every job I've applied for up here now that I have more than a year of experience.


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