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I'm currently getting ready to start and ADN Program this Fall (Sept 2), In CA and can't wait, my husband just found out we'll be stationed in AZ, by January (his reenlistment date, if he reenlists), so since I've been waiting to start I plan to complete a year in CA and then try to transfer everything to a RN Program in AZ, so I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or opinions on any schools out there? Any advice is needed and welcome, thanks.

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Moving this thread to the AZ forum since it is specific to programs there.

You need to be aware of the fact that it is almost impossible to transfer to another school while in an active program even if just in the next county over. Most programs will require that you start over again. You remember what you needed to do go get into a program in CA, the same thing will apply for AZ; only even harder as a transfer student.

You will be in much better shape to remain where you are and finish and then join your husband. Depending on where he will be stationed, it is going to be easier to commute to see him than try to get into a program as a second year student.

Best of luck to you.


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IF you have already been accepted into the ADN program, that is where yu are going to want to finish. OR don't even start if you plan to move half way into the program. The waitlist here can be up to three semesters(if not four). There would be no way to transfer in the middle of a program. Is it a community college that you plan on attending. Could you give us more info...what pre-req's have you already completed. Those may differ as well. Feel free to PM me if you want more info on anything in AZ....good luck to ya!

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You might want to check into some private schools in the area; they may accept some or even all of the credits from another school. They are more expensive; however, they are always willing to take your money and the wait usually isn't as long. There are several in the Phoenix area; IIA, Chamberlin, Everest, to name a few. I would suggest that you talk with them and try to set it all up (the articulation agreements) before you even start in CA. No disrespect to the other posters; but I always try to go directly to the source (and perhaps the other posters work in the college system and know the score) and let them tell me "no". It is my experience that there are always alternatives.

Are you folks coming to Luke AFB? Good luck


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after much research and reading, i think i might just complete a year in ca and then transfer to a college in az. as far as my pre-req's i have completed, a & p, micro, chem., math (stats & college alg), intro & life span psy, soc, adult nutrients, eng 1 & 2, all my lower ge's i actually have an as degree in english, so i think i'm ok in that area. just me and my husband are just trying to really figure out what would be best. ideally i would like to stay behind for 2 years and then transfer to bsn program, but we'll see in the mean time, i think i'll just contact a few school in az and get their opinion and go from there, thanks everyone and good luck to all.


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It sounds like you have alot of the same pre-req's that are required here. You should call one the schools, say...Gateway community college and talk to advisement. Get the run-down of what is required and see where you match up. If you came here and applied to a program, you may only have to wait a year or so...and by the time you got accepted you'd have your residency. You may be just fine. But, only you and your husband know what is best! Good luck, you will love AZ!!!

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