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I am looking for ANYONE who has a BS and a work history in fitness/fitness managment, and is now an RN, who is working in a field where they are using both of their degrees!!! I currently work in a NICU, and am MISERABLE!!!! The work pace and general intensity level of the job are too much. I want to get back to my roots in fitness, but want to use my RN degree as well. Any suggestions, or any success stories/advice from anyone in this situation would be greatly appreciated. I live in the Chicago area, and there is literally ONE cardiac rehab job out there right now...ONE!!!!!! What's up? I need to leave the NICU before I quit nursing altogether. HELP!!!!!

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Hey! Sorry to hear you're unhappy with your job situation. I'm not entirely satisfied with mine either, and I'm considering moving in a different direction. I have a BS in sports medicine and an RN. I worked in the fitness field during nursing school and miss it a lot! I would love to start up a great wellness program that includes screenings and developing a fitness program for the client. There are so many people with chronic conditions (MS, Parkinsons, etc) that would really benefit from this.

I wish I could help more, good luck!!!!

How about opening your own pilates studio? Lots of opportunity

there and Stott Pilates has training that allow you to address

people with different fitness/health issues.

There are other programs you could add, like Classical Stretch,and

Nia, and TTapp.

Not focused on nursing, but allows you to have your own business.

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I've been interested in combining my love of fitness with my nursing background since I was in nursing school. I'm certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as a health and fitness specialist. For years, I tried to figure out how I could combine the two fields. I just recently opened my own personal training and "fitness nursing" business. I provide health coaching, exercise prescription, and disease management services to individuals with chronic diseases that have a physician's clearance to exercise. If you PM me, I will send you the website link and you can check it out. Fitness nursing is a growing specialty aided by the work of Lori Radcliffe, RN (check out www.fitnessnursing.com). I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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Try corporate wellness. I know of one area corporation that has a huge wellness focus. They have a great gym facility and offer classes to their staff during the day and such. They have a nurse on staff that leads many of the classes and is available to help the staff also as a nurse..ie check blood pressures and such. Perhaps you could check classifieds but also send out resumes to some area big businesses. Perhaps you could help them START up some improved corporate wellness. Or even freelance just helping them get some programs up and running.

Also - does your hospital do any community health screenings? Our facility does corporate screenings to primarily help promote our network of primary care physicians. While not directly doing fitness, you do get to counsel people on increasing fitness and improving diet. You could even maybe eventually become a certified diabetic nurse educator and incorporate that too.

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