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Do you need send community college transcript beside your ABSN program's transcriptfor RN exam application?

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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No. Your official nursing school transcripts should suffice.

If the California BRN wants more information, they'll notify you. Otherwise, your ABSN degree program transcripts should be enough.


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The CA BRN states that you need transcripts for all courses required for your nursing degree, so anything with prereqs and general ed that's counted for your degree must be submitted.

From the app:

"Mail the Request for Transcript form to your nursing school(s) with the fee required by the school. The

official transcripts must include all completed coursework and reflect the degree awarded and date

conferred. Transcripts are not accepted from applicants or if stamped "issued to student."

"Transcripts are required from all colleges and/or universities you attended that reflect courses

required for a degree in nursing, including general education course requirements and all nursing

courses. Transcripts must be received and evaluated by the Board prior to being found eligible for

the NCLEX examination. "

It's all on the application, if you read it.

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, RN

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RunBabyRN is right. When I applied for endorsement, I had to send transcripts from 4 schools: where I went to school for my ADN, plus the schools where I got my original degree at and wherever I completed pre-req courses.

The CA BRN doesn't jerk around when it comes the educational requirements. If you want them to license you, it really is in your best interests to provide all the transcripts that they ask for. So if you took classes at your local CC as pre-reqs or in conjunction with the ABSN program, send that transcript in along with the ABSN one.

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