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Rhody 34, RIC has a RN to BSN program. This program is ONLY for students who hold a RN license. Im in the same EXACT boat as you. You should really look into this program. It appears you only need to take 4 classes....not bad :) Plusssssss...alot of places do tuition reimbursement. You can work as a nurse and continue your degree... Good Luck.


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Thanks Jada! Thats what Ive been hearing! Getmeoutofthehouse- I already hold a BA from URI and have already completed Chem and Organic Chem from a previous degree there, so I dont think I'd have to take it again. Ive actually heard the only "difficult" course was research... and community, leadership, etc. were "a breeze"... heard that from numerous people. From what I've heard though, I've been told RIC is a better RN to BSN program regardless of my previous URI degree... so I'm thinking RIC will be the route I take. I graduate from CCRI this May... cant wait!

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