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RN or BSN?

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I am a pre nursing student in Dallas,tx. I am confused betwwen RN and BSN program. At present, I have all my pre-reqs for RN program at our local community college. I am also taking course to quilify for the BSN program at Texas womens University. The both colleges advisiors told me that I have a very good chances in getting in the program. My concern is if the pay for both degrees is equal, then why spend extra $10000 to get the bechelor degree? Please advice what other things I need to look at before making my decision. I have two small children, so I am planning to work only part time after my degree.

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There are millions of post on this very subject, if you do a search for Bsn vs Adn you will finds tons that will give you some good advice and answers to your questions.

Good Luck!!

You need to understand that a BSN program is an RN program for those who do not already have an RN license. Do not confuse the license (RN) with the type of education involved to sit for the licensing exam, or to upgrade one's education after initially getting licensed.


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I think you want to know the difference in becoming an RN with an 2 year associate degree (ADN) or going to a 4 year college and getting your (BSN). First, you can become and RN/ADN and decide to go back to school later to get your BSN. I'm applying to a 2 year ADN program in the fall (actually it's accelarated and it will take 16 month). The University offers online classes for BSN to all ADN grads. So I will be able to work as an RN and take classes online toward my BSN part-time.

I would recommend getting a BSN, eventually. Lots of hospital are trying to achieve magnet status - which require nurses to have BSN. BSN/RN usually will be promoted first and some cases hired before someone with just an ADN. Having a BSN will provide a wider range of nursing jobs. And if you decide later that you want to get your MSN(Master Degree) - you would have the BSN out of the way. Even if you plan to just work two days a week now - you may want to put more in your career after your kids start school. Just something to think about.

If you are happy with your just a 2 year degree, That is fine as well.. Good Luck :)

Thank you Witty3. I appreciate your help. I have decided to go for BSN program after all. In long run I think it will be better for me. Thanks again


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I'm so glad that I could help... You're very welcome.