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Hello Everybody,

So this is my first year in college and I plan to become a Rn from a community college. I attend HFCC and there is a wait of about a year and half . During that wait I would like to take some classes that transfer to a university's RN/Bsn program. Can anyone tell me some classes you took in that Rn/Bsn program, so I can take classes that tranfer toward it during my wait? If you have a link or any info that would be appreciated !!!!


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You will have to check with that particular school, as it varies from location to location. Or try to find some previous students in your area who have done the same and see what advice they have to offer.

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GOOGLE the school.

I think it would be best if you meet with an advisor at the school you are currently attending and the school you plan to attend which offers the RN-BSN program. A few questions to ask is: what is the max credit transferability and what classes are required for the RN-BSN program which you have not taken yet. This is extremely important because I am sure you do not want to take classes that does not transfer.

Instead of taking electives for the BSN have you considered taking anatomy and physiology I and II for the diploma nursing at hfcc?

yes its required to get your ADN