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RN to BSN or straight to BSN??

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You are reading page 2 of RN to BSN or straight to BSN??. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

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On 8/13/2019 at 10:55 AM, Sarah McCammon said:

No one hires ADN's anymore they all want the bachelor's 

Bachelor's preferred does not always mean mandatory. I, and several of my friends have ADNs and yet we are all employed by local hospitals. 

Get your ADN then get your employer to pay for your bridge program if you can.

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I think for this question, flipping conventional wisdom on it's head works best.


Usually I believe in looking at the long term goals and making appropriate short term goals based on them.  If I like outcome A, I make a plan with goals that will steer me towards that outcome.  If I like outcome B more..........same thing, different goals along the way.


For this situation though, I think letting the short term goals be your guide is more helpful.  *To me* there really is no outcome A and outcome B here.  Either way, the end point is a BSN.


So, choose the path that suits you best.  The one you're most likely to finish and/or the one that will cost you least..............all sorts of variables to consider.  Prioritize said variables and pick the path that accommodates your priorities best.



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Apply to both.  "Don't put all your eggs is one basket,"  as the old saying goes.

Who knows?   You might not really have a choice as you might not be accepted by both schools.  In that case, go to whichever one accepts you. 

If you do get accepted by both schools ... is one of significantly better quality than the other?   Does your gut tell you that you will be happier at one than the other?    If not, go for the BSN for all the reasons previous posters have said.

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