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RN to BSN programs

Looking to go back and get my BSN. I live in St. Paul, MN. What are the best schools and what is the cost and time for these schools. Please let me know what your experiences have been.


klone, MSN, RN

Specializes in Women's Health/OB Leadership.

That's a very vague question. Are you looking for brick-and-mortar or online program? Do you want a "prestigious" program or do you not care so much where it's from as long as it's accredited?

Looking for mostly online programs with a small amount of class time.

applesxoranges, BSN, RN

Specializes in ER.

I think Ohio University limits their program to five states and I don't know if Illinois is one of them. They are cheap and very liberal with the credits they accepted. I will be done with my RN to BSN in 9 months but I doubled up on some of the classes.

University of Louisiana at Layfayette was another option I looked at. I think they are NLNAC/ACEN accredited and not CCNE if that applies to you (I can't remember). I think most jobs take either or except potentially the military. I think I heard good things about their program.

University of Texas at Arlington is another popular option. I didn't like that they didn't accept me quickly and they don't accept you right away.

I looked at Kaplan but they are expensive and some people view them as "for profit."


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