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RN to BSN online programs


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Hi everyone, can anyone make any recommendation on which online rn to bsn program is better? Going to a campus is not an option for me, as I am a single parent with two children with one in college himself and the other in middle school. I know online courses are challenging at best, as I have taken several. I just don't know who to go with. I have checked into phoenix, jacksonville and kaplan and all are ccne accredited. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your responses


I graduated from Excelsior college whicch has an on-line RN-BSN program. I like it and passed my boards on 1st try

I've been looking into the RN-BSN online programs as well. I saw on the NCBON website that they don't "approve" out of state online programs. Does this mean that your hospital will not recognize that you have your BSN if you attend one of these schools?


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I hadn't heard about the BON not approving out of state programs. However, I do plan (so far) to go to a state program. I was hoping to go to UNC-Chapel Hill but it depends on how many credits I can transfer in once I have my RN. I was also going to look at other campuses of UNC that offer the online option to see if they are a better fit for me in terms of transferring credits. My first choice is to stay in state so I can take advantage of the state tuition at a top-rated school. :yeah:

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Have you considered ECU's RN-BSN program? I've heard great things about ECU, and UNC-Chapel Hill. Don't think you can go wrong with either of them.


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I did mine through Western Carolina University and had a great experience. Well organized, helpful & professional faculty committed to utilizing online techniques in creative ways. I highly recommend you check it out. I had to go to Asheville one day at the beginning of each semester & one day at the end of each semester. I completed 60ish clinical hours in community health and 60ish hours in management. Otherwise, all course work was online. I went part time, worked full time, had a baby, moved to a new city, and still managed to finish in 2 yrs. We had students from different parts of the state, not just western NC. Definitely check out WCU.


I am thinking to get into utica college online RN to BSN program.

Can somebody tell me if it is a reasonable program for a full time nurse.