RN (BSN) New Grad jobs NYC?


I graduate this semester and I want to work in New York City. I am from a small town in the SE. What are my odds of obtaining a position at a Nurse Residency program or otherwise in this area. My main strengths would be my GPA, multiple service learning projects, clinical experience in all major areas required, but I have no other prior experience in nursing, and there were not opportunities for nurse externships. My goal is to work in ICU, I also would love a telemetry floor or anything Cardiac related, but more importantly I want to be with a great hospital system and am willing to take what I can get if it means working for an excellent institution. Can someone tell me how to go about this? (The best options for a new grad, best hospitals, steps I should take) Should I be doing anything additional right now to increase my chances? And what are my chances?


I would start looking for residencies and jobs NOW. The market is tough right now for new grads especially in this area. I would start looking at the facilities nearest you (or even an hour away if you can) and look at when their residencies open and what their requirements are. Start applying now if they are open. Look for jobs that do not require experience or even jobs that say "experience preferred." The worst they could say is no.

Try to find a nurse residency that will hire nurses into the ICU. I think that would be your best bet right now with no experience. Other than that you could work med/surg for a while and then transition into ICU as you find an open position and gain experience. What about the hospital where you are doing clinical? Could you possibly connect with any nurse managers there? The reality is that sometimes it is not about your experience but rather who you know and connect with. Best wishes!

Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it.