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How soon after completing my ASN program can I start a RN-BSN program? I graduate in May, and most of the colleges that I have looked at have application deadlines that are before May. Are there any programs where I could start in the fall, right after I finish my ASN? I don't want to wait until January to start. When do most people start their RN-BSN programs?


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Such a good question... too bad no one has offered any insight!

I'm graduating in May also and will be applying to a BSN school in May. The school I am applying to has their cut off date in June, but you can get accepted into the program pending any final grades for the semester. And, of course pending your NCLEX results. You actually have till the 11th day of class (or something like that) to have your results to stay in the program. They actually have a program that you can start in the summer, but I need a break. I could probably handle the paper-writing for the two summer semester RN-BSN program, but I'd like to take some sort of vacation!! And I am sure you can relate! Keep in mind that some employers may offer discounts to local university RN-BSN programs in some areas. And, for that you don't have to have a certain number of years of employment before you get any tuition reimbursement. But you may have to commit to so many months or years afterwards. That may be something to consider.


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Which program gives you until June to apply? Also, which one has a summer program that you can start? I want a break and a vacation too, but the idea of finishing as soon as possible is awfully tempting. I will probably be singing a different tune at the end of the semester. :bugeyes: I keep going back and forth between Texas Tech and UTA. UTA is closer, but I think that I would like Texas Tech better. I need to make a decision, but it is hard to concentrate on anything other than just getting finished with this semester. I am feeling pretty burned out at the moment. Which program are you going to apply to? I know some employers around here will pay for you to go to UTA, but I don't know if I want to make a long commitment to anyone until I personally know what it is like to work for them. Also, I don't want to have to wait a while to start. I would like to just be done with it. I'll have to ponder on it a little more. I will have some time to think about it now that our first test is over.

p.s. Why did you mention vacation? I could really use one now. The semester just started and I am already thinking of Spring Break. :onbch:


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Tech's program is two semesters. They have a program that starts in the first summer session; the application period is from Feb1-Apr1. The application period for the Fall entry is March 1 through July1 (sorry I thought it was June). I'm definitely leaning more towards Tech. I like the fact that it is online and many of their grads have nothing but good things to say about it. If you check out their website, it has all the info. They also encourage you to fax your transcripts to them so that the RN-BSN coordinator can review them and I guess make sure that you aren't missing anything to be admitted to their program.

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You can start at UTA year-round. Classes are every six weeks. I may start as soon as this November.


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you can definitely start in the fall. I'm in LPN school and graduating in June then starting RN school in Aug. And many in our class plan to go right into BSN the following Aug.

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