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Hi all,

im not a nurse yet. I feel as though I know what I would like to do. My plan hasn't changed for a long time now. I will hopefully start nsg school in a few months an have my RN in about 2 yrs. I was wondering if there is any school that is affordable that I can bridge RN-BSN to MSN/DNP with FNP specialty online? All under 80k...100 at the most. My husband is in the army and we are using his GI bill to pay for my school. Which I don't want to have too much debt left over afterwards.


zmansc, ASN, RN

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There are many schools that have BSN-DNP/FNP programs. I would expect you to be able to find a program within that cost range without too much difficulty. You will have to research programs, as this information isn't always provided without a little digging.

I don't know the particulars of Army life, I was in the USAF many, many moons ago and one issue I would expect you might run into would be a change in location during your program. This might make it an issue for you to do a brick & mortar program. Many state universities now offer hybrid and online programs, some with instate tuition for the online coursework. The details will be in the fine print unfortunately.

There are also online programs that are well within your budget. I would suggest getting your BSN now (if your going to be in one location for the next two years), and then you will be able to research the programs that are available at that time which will likely have changed.

I'm assuming that you have finished your pre-reqs, and are about to start the last two years of your BSN program, so you'll have that and your license before you start looking at grad school.

One thing you might want to consider when you're getting ready for grad school is your location. If your husband has any choice in the matter try to locate in an area with enough of a population to provide lots of potential clinical sites. In almost every FNP program, especially those that are mostly/entirely online, you'll have to find your own preceptors. This can be a much bigger problem than you might think, and if you're stationed in a "BFE" location (Wainwright for example) you could be out of luck. Post hospitals and clinics may be an option, but you'll have to get them to do a contract with your school, and you'll need to find individual providers willing to work with you.

Good luck!

WonderousIvy, BSN, LVN

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Ok, good advice ladies! Especially about the clinical sites and preceptor situation. We're currently in Sacramento he is on recruiting duty.After this it is back to the regular unit. I am trying to plan as well as I can but it's difficult. I have finished all my pre-reqs and I was in the process of applying to BSN and ADN programs in the Ft.Campbell area...then we PCS'd here. So I had to start fresh and I don't have time to go through a BSN at a University because their wait lists here are like death row. So I'm going LVN-RN through a private school (Carrington College) then looking into UT Arlington for BSN(online-8K).

We will be at our next location at least 4 years-most likely more unless we get Germany. So I'm open to hybrid programs but my preference is completely online. I would also like to make my decision now so I can prepare what classes I need to take. I would LOVE to be able to complete my RN-BSN-DNP at the same school. I really like UTA but their NP requires you to be a TX resident :(

My sister in law is currently completing her NP through Emory Uni. she thinks it is awesome but it's so expensive! (her employer is paying)

I'd love to hear advice,feedback whatever you can give me;) I'm all ears...I feel as though this is a time I need some guidance.


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