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Hi and thanks in advance for any help. I recently enrolled at Capella university and start the rn to bsn program November 6. I'm wondering if anyone is going through the program or has completed it and had trouble with the coursework? I'm actually not a very good essay writer and am very nervous about the required assignments. Reading isn't the issue. It's actually putting all the info needed on paper and submitting it correctly. How strict do they follow

Their APA style formats? Amd do i need to be an expert writer to pass? Dont get me wrong, im not a moron (hahaha) i passed my English courses with A sand Bs on college but I did struggle. I'm wondering if the essay/research assignments will cause me to give up. Again thanks for any input.

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Hello Vyvmad17,

I am not a Capella U student, but I can tell you that every setp higher you go in education, the more strict schools get with their APA grading. That is part of professional development.

Nevertheless, here are some pointers on writing essays:

* Always write in third person.

* State your content as facts; back them up with a citation.

* Paragraph 1 must have your thesis statement and at least 3 elements you will be discussing.

* Paragraphs 2, 3, & 4 are used to present each element and expand on them.

* Paragraph 5 is typically your closing paragraph. You need to touch on each element you presented and restate your thesis in order to tie it all together.

* Add your Reference page.

Practice makes perfect. I struggle a lot starting essays, but once I get started, I roll through it.

You can use the below website to help you citing your book or resource correctly: Citation Machine: APA format citation generator for book

Do not be afraid. Go conquer this! :up:

Specializes in Rehab, Ortho-Spine, Med-Surg, & Psych. Has 5 years experience.


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