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RN bridge or online program


Hey! Okay so I have an issue. I am currently getting my prerequisites for an LVN to RN bridge program. Granted I am years away from applying and that really bothers me. Anyways, I just really wanted to know if anyone had attempted the RUE Education online LVN to RN program?? If so, good or bad, could you please let me know something. I am really debating it because I am struggling working and going to actaul class and having a life in general.

Thanks in advance!

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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Even though its purveyors might represent it as an LVN-to-RN program, RUE Education is not an LVN-to-RN program. RUE Education is not a school or a degree-granting entity, and therefore, cannot offer the coursework that it claims to be offering. Their advertising is rather deceptive.

RUE Education is actually a producer and seller of very expensive study guides. Here's how it goes. RUE Education provides you with very expensive study guide binders that cost several hundred dollars a piece. You use these study materials to help you pass ECE, CLEP and DSST exams for college credits.

You then transfer these credits to Excelsior College (the school that actually offers the distance LPN-to-ASN program) or Indiana State (school that offers the online LPN-to-BSN program). Excelsior or ISU will be granting your degree since RUE Education simply furnishes the study material. You can save money by bypassing RUE Education altogether.

You can obtain RUE Education study materials off Ebay or Amazon used or secondhand for $10 to $50 each. I recently paid $19.99 for a RUE study guide that originally cost more than $400.

RUE Education will require you to sign a contract that will leave you obligated to repay in the $10,000 range for these study guides. Since RUE Education is not a school or degree-granting entity, the loan will be a private and not subject to federal student loan protections. The $10,000 does not even include the tuition and fees that Excelsior College will charge you.


Has 14 years experience.

Excelsior college for ADN or Indiana State for BSN - those are the two major online bridge programs - both accredited and accepted in all states (some with restrictions) except california. Go to the websites for information. For study material I used studygroup101 - just as good as Rue, but only $10 per course.