RN with arrest for shoplifting charge..


Hello I was arrested 2 years ago for shoplifting. The charges were felony but they were downgraded to a mistmeanor , and those charges were closed as nolle prosse. I'm super nervous because I have an arrest but not convictions. Does anyone else have any experience in this situation. I'm just going crazy right now. At the facility where I have applied they only have asked me so far if i have ever been convicted and i answered no because I actually haven't. My mind is racing at 100 miles an hour.. This is my first job an an RN and i really just want to get my life started.

Please any one with experience in this area please comment.

I live in FL if that makes a difference.



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Hi Strawberrysoul. I'm in a similar situation except mine is a misdemeanor B for theft that occurred 9 years ago. I was young and dumb, hanging out with the wrong group of girls. I also wasn't convicted but I answered yes on my application if I had a misdemeanor. It did not let me explain specifics, so therefor I was not able to list what it was.

I was offered the job based on a contingent offer. They will run the background check probably in a week or so. So I will let you know if I end up getting hired at this hospital. From what I know, its really up to the hiring manager and HR if they would still like to move forward with you as an applicant. I've also tried to research this particular subject on allnurses.

Good luck! When would you find out if you passed your background check?