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RN to apply as CNA in hosp.is this okay?


I passed NCLEX last May, but until now got no job as RN. I have no experience,

since I graduated 2005,and it has been 5 years that I understand that I need a refresher course,

in applying as an RN.I saw vacancies of CNA jobs in hospital,and I am thinking of applying

just to start working and have some experience.

Is my plan acceptable to hospital recruiters? I don't mind putting aside my being an RN

for awhile as I understand I needed to start working and have my foot for experience.

I have a difficult time,looking around for jobs as it always require a year of experience

in every posted positions.

I hope to hear any ideas from human resource and recruiters here.Any inputs will be much

appreciated, and thanks for reading my post.

PediLove2147, BSN, RN

Specializes in Pediatric Cardiology. Has 7 years experience.

You can apply but I can think of two reasons why they may not hire you..

1. They will be scared that you will quit as soon as you find an RN position. They don't want to take the time and money to train you if you are going to leave them within a few months. I know you say you wouldn't mind putting your RN on hold but trust me if a position opened up you would be awfully tempted to take it.

2. During school I worked at a hospital as a CNA. Once I graduated they told me I had four months since they didn't want the "liability" of an RN working as a CNA. Not all hospitals are implementing this rule but be prepared, some are.

I know the Job Search SUCKS. I passed the boards in June and sent out hundreds of applications and only was able to get one interview, which did not lead to an offer. After two months a home health agency offered me a position. Although it is a job, it is not at all what I pictured myself doing. Something will come up, I promise. It may not be in a hospital but it will pay the bills.

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in Psych ICU, addictions.

Check with your state's BON: in some states, you may not be eligible to apply for CNA jobs. You may be able to apply for unlicensed/uncertified positions though.

Remember that you will be held to the standards of a RN should anything happen while you're in a job as an aide/tech. As mentioned before, some employers are not willing to take that risk.

In Texas I was told that once you officially hold a job under your license that you cannot revert to a previous license to work. Of course, if you haven't worked as an RN or an LPN, than you're in. Just don't overstep your bounds and make decisions based on RN training. That's the trouble you can face potentially. CNAs don't get to think that hard. =)