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What is the scope of practice of a RMA vs a nurse. I'm from a rural area, and never heard of a Registered Medical Assistant, until one was in my hospital orientation group. I thought I'd ask here, since Google didn't answer my curiosity.


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The major difference is scope of practice.

A RMA is certificated; a nurse (or MD) is licensed. A nurse has a mandated by law scope of practice. A RMA's scope of practice is defined by the license and policy of the nurse or doctor he/she works under.

So.... a nurse may work independently under their mandated scope of practice; a RMA MUST work under the license and direction of a nurse or MD. Practically speaking, as a RMA, I did just about everything I now do as a nurse, for alot less pay, and someone else was always responsible for my practice.

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There are RMA's and CMA's. They are both medical assistants that do not carry a license. They are both certified through differnt certifying agencys. The Registered Medical Assistant is registered through the American Board of Medical technologists

http://www.amt1.com/site/epage/15331_315.htmts ,

and the Certified Medical Assistant is certified through the American Association of Medical Assistants www.aama-ntl.org.

It all depends on who is the accrediting body for the school they have obtained their diploma through.

There is a quite a difference between a medical assistant and a nurse. As the other poster stated a medical assistant works under the physicians license where as a nurse carries their on license. I used to be a medical assistant and am now a nurse. Hope this answers some of your questions. For more information about medical assistants and what they do, browse the links I posted.

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