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Rio Salado College BIO 205 AND 202

by mredden98 mredden98 (New) New Student

Hey all! I've been trying to find updated reviews for Rio Salado's BIO205 and BIO202. They are the last two classes I need before I can apply for the CEP. I have taken all my prerequisites so far with rio salado and it is HARD. I had to retake BIO201 and barely passed with a 76%. I thought about doing a mixed media class with a local maricopa community college, but it's not looking like the easiest for my work schedule. I work nights and my work does not want to work with a school schedule. If you took those classes through Rio please let me know how they went, what to expect and how I can pass. Thank you.

I just finished Bio205 and finished 202 right before that and I did them both in the 16-week schedule. Bio classes through Rio are really just not that great because they are pretty much completely self-taught and the amount of information you have to digest is insane. I got a B in 201 and A in 202 and an A in 205.

The concepts themselves are pretty easy to understand but it's the random details that are on the quizzes and exams that make it tricky. I do have 2 small kids that I take care of all day everyday so that did make studying a little harder but the classes are definitely doable.

For 205 exams, make sure to do the Self-Tests at the beginning and end of each lesson, a bunch! There are essay prompts at the end of each lesson, make sure you at least do an outline for each one and memorize it because they are all fair game on the exams. An hour and a half for 4 full length essays is tricky so going in prepared is essential.

Good luck!