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Rio Hondo College LVN to ADN 2012 + TEAS Test


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Hi everyone,

I just received an acceptance letter to Rio Hondo's LVN to ADN program for this summer. I feel like I can breathe normally again :)

The school has scheduled me for the TEAS test on Thursday, April 12th. I was wondering if anyone in the next two weeks will be studying for this assessment test and is local in the area to have a few study sessions. I purchased the McGraw-Hill's 5 Teas practice tests book for $20 on Amazon and plan to work on this book. Any other study recommendations?

Is there anyone else that has been accepted to Rio Hondo's 2012 summer/fall program? I'm also awaiting a response from Citrus College.


I also received my acceptance letter for Rio Hondo's Summer 2012 LVN-ADN transition class. Looks like we'll be classmates! I am so stoked to start already! But before that we have to first pass the TEAS V test. My test is scheduled for Friday the 13th!(of April, yikes). I also purchased the Mcgraw-hill 5 practice tests on Amazon. I plan on focusing more on Physiology and Microbiology. I'm pretty good at Reading/English, and math comes somewhat natural to me. Look forward to meeting you and the rest of the LVN's. Woohoo!

I also received my acceptance to the LVN-ADN program at Rio Hondo for the summer transition class! My TEAS is scheduled for April 11th. I am nervous because I have heard it is a lot harder than the prior TEAS I took while in LVN school a few years back. There has been mention of a lot of chemistry on this one and questions that are very 'deep'. I am also studying the McGraw-Hill along with The Princeton Review Exam book. Is anyone doing the practice tests through ATI? Can't wait to meet you all!

congrats!!!!! i miss the deadline bcuz im finishing up my last class micro n its over on may 24'''''''''did u attend a information meeting? n did u take all ur science classes within 5 year

@ChristineLVN2RN: I attended an info meeting last Oct. Call or visit online for upcoming dates, it was very informative. I took my science classes all last year and also prereqs that I needed. Good luck on your Micro!

Please , let me know ASAP how was the exam . I am full time student and working . No time to study ..Mine is on April 13

Passed the TEAS today. Math - watch the time!! Science - memorize the science part from 8 Mc Graw-Hill !!!!

I think it will be XX for the role transition. She loves to ask for nandas on her quizzes, so know nandas relevent to the course material. Also, keep in mind that most of her quizzes are fill in/short answers. She does a lot of ER triaging style "what should you do" questions. Good luck you guys! Maybe I'll see you in Spring.

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it's tough transitioning into the program halfway through, so if you guys have any questions PM me and I'll try to help. :) goodluck and congratulations!

Congrats to those who passed the TEAS test!! :lol2:

and a BIG THANK YOU to elegie for offering your help. i'm planning on going to their information meeting on april 25!

What info meeting? Is this something for LVN candidates?


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Whew! Took the TEAS mid April and passed. My palms were sweaty but it's such a relief to get it over with. I took 5 practice tests on the science section and consistently got a 75% which was disappointing. I was surprised to see that the actual TEAS test really did have Earth Science questions in it. For anyone that hadn't taken the test yet, really pay attention to the different sciences. I think the last time I learned about metamorphic rock was back in 5th grade..

Anyways, less than a month away! Looking forward to meeting those of you in the LVN bridge summer program :)

Is anyone on this thread in the generic ADN program at Rio Hondo? Looking forward to meeting everyone!