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I am going to be one of the team leaders for my class this week and I want to make a good impression. Does anyone have any tips for new nurses, as far as what to do when you first walk into the room, what should you keep an eye out for, etc.? I have a list of things that my team should always keep in their pockets, but if you guys have any suggestions or tips, I would greatly appreciate it!! =)

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I was team leader this weekend and I had a blast ! I just walked around periodically and helped my class mates with whatever they needed. I made sure I had the basic tools and if I didn't I knew where they were. I would just suggest making sure your peers don't need anything. I led post-conference, I checked orders to make sure no new orders were written. You basically just help out as much as you can. I also assigned patients. Hope you have fun ! Good luck

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