RIH student associate/Miriam Nurse Intern

  1. Has anybody in this forum been in either of these two programs (RIH student associate/Miriam Nurse Intern)?

    If so, could you please share a little about your experience.
    I am considering both of these programs, so any inside information would be much appreciated. I'm at CCRI, so apparently I wouldn't qualify for Advanced Collegiate Nurse Internship Program.

    A little birdy told me that @ RI Hospital it is mostly routine CNA work while Miriam tends to teach more. Any takes on that?

    Is it true that RI Hospital requires 40 hours minimum per month?

    Also, slightly off the topic: does miriam have a new graduate ICU training program? They are awfully vague on their website.
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  3. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    Hey there-
    I go to RIC and am planning to apply for an internship at one of those hospitals next fall.
    I have also heard that Miriam is excellent. Competition is supposedly stiff for internships and new grad jobs, because it is a great place to work.

    I don't think Miriam has a new grad ICU program. Could be wrong though. I know RIH has one.

    And, even though you go to CCRI, you are still eligible for the collegiate nurse internship program at Miriam...just not the advanced program (only for BSN students).

    Let me know how you make out with everything.
  4. by   GretaRN
    Miriam does have student internship you have to be finished w/nsg 2.
  5. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    I haven't heard about either of these programs but I would really like to know exactly what they are all about if someone minds posting a link or some info. about the internships.

  6. by   Rockit
    I am just finishing an internship at Miriam. It was a great experience. You are assigned a precepting nurse. Normally, it is a reciprocal arrangement. The precepting nurse does teaching and you in turn help out with physical care, etc. Miriam only requires sixteen hours a month to maintain status as a Collegiate Nurse Intern but you are only allowed to work 16 hours a week max. You are designated to a unit but you also have the opportunity to float around the hospital and try different areas: ER, CCU, ICU, Hem-Onc, ortho, etc. They also have a specific internship available in the OR. On the other hand, Rhode Island Hospital's Student Nurse Associate (SNA) does require 40 hours per month and you can work up to 40 hours per week. My understanding is that there is no formal teaching and that you pretty much work as a CNA. RIH stresses that they look at their student nurse associates first when considering applicants for their New Grad Critical Care Internship Program. Miriam does not have such a program and getting hired into their critical care areas as a new grad is becoming very difficult. My advice is that if you have your heart set on critical care to go to RIH for your internship. I also know people who have done a semester internship at Miriam and then switched to RIH (you are not allowed to do both at the same time). Good luck!!
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  7. by   GretaRN
    Hey Rockit do you know if they are starting an orientation program for new RN'S? I have filled out several apps there and am waiting.....
  8. by   Rockit
    At Miriam you get hired onto a specific unit and you are assigned a nurse preceptor that works with you. This is your orientation and it can last up to six months if you are in a critical care area.
  9. by   jmlasern05
    RIH nurse associate response :
    My daughter is a nurse associate at RIH and from my perspective she will not learn anything. she has been there a few weeks now and has done nothing more than CNA work. They should not be accredited for this internship. I went through an extensive hands -on program and I am disappointed with her position.In my opinion this work is nursing 101 , not senior nursing student experience.