RI Nurses...How long did it take to get your NCLEX results?

  1. I am scheduled to take the NCLEX-RN next Tuesday at 2:00 so I can get my Rhode Island license and I'm wondering how soon I can expect to get the results. I've heard that the "Pearson Vue Trick" has changed and doesn't seem as reliable as other years.

    It appears that 2016 is the first year that Rhode Island has the online RN license application. Did the fact that RI's application is online help anyone get their 2016 NCLEX results quicker?

    How soon after taking the NCLEX did you get your results?
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  3. by   GadgetRN71
    I graduated in 2006 and did the Pearson Vue trick. I took the NCLEX on 8/2 and got the letter from the state on 8/15.. so it would have been about a two week wait if I didn't do Pearson Vue.
  4. by   Samantha2587
    Thanks! I took the NCLEX on a Thursday at 2:45pm and by noon on Friday my online application was updated to show I had an RN license, so I didn't have to pay for the quick results.
  5. by   J9RN17
    Just FYI for anyone taking them soon. I took NCLEX last Tuesday and learned about 3 hours after leaving that I passed because the RI department of health had already posted that I had an active license!
  6. by   Isabelm1122
    That's so weird because I took & passed nclex on a Monday, and it's now Friday and my license still shows as "pending". Can't reach anyone at DOH via phone or email, keep getting sent to full voice mailbox. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯