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i just wanted to start a thread for the ric bsn program. if anyone has questions on pre-req classes, admission, what the program is like.....this is the place to ask! the whole nursing school process... Read More

  1. by   ncoppa
    I will be taking Chem 1 in the fall and chem 2 in the spring. I plan to apply in April for fall 2015. Any tips?
  2. by   Jmarty31
    Quote from mbutmore
    Anyone have specific details on uniform requirements? I know the handbook says, in part:
    Female students will be able to choose a maroon skirt or slacks with a maroon scrub top embroidered
    with "Rhode Island College School of Nursing". Male students will wear maroon slacks with the same
    type of shirt. White lab coats will have Rhode Island College patch on the left arm. The School of
    Nursing patch is available in the nursing office ($5.00). Scrubs, tops and slacks, lab coats, name tags
    and other equipment can be ordered through Alexander's Uniforms, 1 Lambert Lind Highway,
    Warwick, RI 401-654-6500. Updated ordering procedures will be announced each semester.
    Anything specific on shoes? I'm doing CCRI's CNA program now, need to get white shoes, and would like to get shoes that work for both clinicals... Think white closed-back Danskos will be fine? Can't imagine they'd find much reason to disallow those.
    i know it's a bit late but what scrubs does the cc cna program require?