Rhode Island College Anyone?

  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone out there is attending or knows anything about Rhode Island College's nursing program and could tell me how they feel about it. I recently applied to the college and got accepted but I can't apply to the nursing program until April. I was really suprised at how easy the application process was. No essay or recommendations required. All the other schools I'm applying to require both.

    Anyway, I'd love to hear anything (good or bad) about the school and the nursing program in particular.

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  3. by   RNRao
    Good morning, i attended RIC and recieved my BSN in 2003. During the course of my education the school (nursing dept.) was at risk for loosing their credibility to teach nursing. The reason was that an over abundance of previous graduates were not passing the NCLEX exam so RIC had to revamp thier whole program. We as a graduating class were the first to have to take the ATI exams and pay for them, the curriculum changed as a result, ect. I wanted my baccalaureate degree and RIC was the nearest school, didn't want to commute to URI of Salve nor pay the tuition costs. I feel that I should have recieved more clinical experiance but now being a nurse for 2 1/2 years the clinical experiance allowed is limited for a student I realize now. Overall my experiance was pleasent with pro's and con's (professors) LOL. Best of luck to you, Alison :wink2: