New Grad relocating to RI, tips on jobs

  1. Hello-
    I need some advise and tips!
    This is my first posting on here. I am a new grad, ADN and BS (non-nursing). I just past NCLEX and have the compact state license from MD. We will be relocating from MD to Newport RI permanently, and I need help in the RI RN job market. In MD, it is extremely difficult to get in as a new grad, but once in, no problem finding work.
    I have looked at Care New England, and Lifespan daily. And have applied to a few positions, with no luck.
    I am wondering how long does it take a new grad to land a job in RI? Do most need to apply outside a hospital setting? Where are most new grads hired?
    Any tips are welcome.
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  3. by   izzflr
    The hospital jobs are extremely difficult to get and there are very few available for new nurses. Home care agencies and dialysis clinics are willing to train new nurses and they're offering excellent positions right now. I'm a new grad, I've been working in a hospital as a CNA and they have no jobs available for even internal applicants, but I've had walk-in interviews and offers from both home care and dialysis clinics. I just took a dialysis offer that looks great and I'm really exited to start. What worked for me was to apply online and then walk in to every place with a resume and ask for the clinical manager. When you get blessed with good timing, the manager might interview you on the spot. Good luck and welcome to Beautiful Rhode Island! :-)
  4. by   Morainey
    I believe Lifespan has a hiring freeze right now, not quite sure about CNE.
  5. by   nrsmom2g1b
    Our lady fatima has hired several new grads. I think it comes down to a strong resume with an even stronger cover letter. Try using some key words from their mission statement in your cover letter to get noticed. The other thing that always helps is knowing someone who works there already. Good luck :-)