Job Market for New BSN grads in Rhode Island

  1. Hello all! I was just wondering what the job market is like back in RI.

    I currently live in the Pacific NW and am applying to ABSN programs back in southern New England, preferable Rhode Island (where I am from). I am applying to Quinnipiac, Rhode Island College, Curry, and maybe a couple other programs. Ive volunteered and shadowed nurses and all that, and am sure I want to work as a nurse (in Hospice or Psychiatric, ultimately).

    BUT, it is a huge investment both time wise and $ wise and you hear horror stories about the job market. Most of which says you need a BSN to get that first job, and even then, it aint a sure thing like it used to be.

    I'd really appreciate some feedback from recent grads (esp. grads of ABSN/2nd degree programs) about your experience in landing that all important first job.

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   nrsmom2g1b
    Our Lady Fatima in North Providence is hiring regularly new grads as well. If you want psych we have 3 units dedicated to psych.
  4. by   nrsmom2g1b
    Oh and to answer your other question you don't need a BSN, it's always preferred, but I know nurses here that went to a nurse diploma program and we're hired. Network yourself try to meet some people that already work in the hospital you want to work for and it will go a long way.