Free Cna Training In Ri?

  1. Does anyone know of any CNA training courses in RI? besides the $501 course at CCRI?
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  3. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    Quote from tinytessa31
    Does anyone know of any CNA training courses in RI? besides the $501 course at CCRI?
    There are a few Nursing homes that offer free CNA training but you must agree to work for them for XXX amount of time. Personally, I am not cool with anyone telling me that I have to work for them for any amount of time or else. I am going to attend a free CNA class offered by the VNS of South County Hospital. Its free and you aren't forced to work for anyone (although they prefer you work for South County Hospital or the VNS.) Where are you located in RI and maybe we can help you find a class.
  4. by   crazensweet
    Hi Cjcsoon2brn... I live in Glocester/Chepachet...I feel the same way...dont like the idea of being so restricted to that agencies nursing home
  5. by   crazensweet
    wow.. thats in wakefield...That looks like a very beautiful campus/hospital I am 59 minutes and 43 miles away
  6. by   serenity1985
    dont know about the free training...but i did mine like 5 yrs ago at some cranston Adult learning center for $100....the classes are done at West Cranston High bu might wanna check it out
  7. by   crazensweet
    thank you serenity.....I will take a look
  8. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    If any of you have already been accepted into the program, you can apply for a student nurse internship at any of the local hospitals. I have a friend that started nursing last semester (at RIC) and was applying to be a SNA (student nurse associate) at Memorial. I think I may look into this as I will be starting the program in September....and there's no silly 3 month course to go through. I figure the experience will be worth it.....and you get paid (not mega bucks or anything) so that's a plus.
  9. by   crazensweet
    Hi you need to finish 2 clinical rotations or a full year?
  10. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    As far as I know, you can apply as soon as you start nursing school. My friend did this last semester when she was in Nursing 220 and 222. I'm definitely going to call around and double check though.
  11. by   crazensweet
    Its something I will definately keep in mind ...... I have a ways to go.....I need all three sciences ..... So I wont apply to CCRI program until Fall '09 .....

  12. by   lilymealways
    You should check with convalesant or assisted living facilities.alot of them have classes that the facilitie teachs on the job. you work as a Nursing Assistant until you finish training and go thru certification exam
  13. by   xbluexeyesx
    I m looking for free or cheep CNA classes in RI. Preferably in Cranston, Warwick, Coventry.
  14. by   V9611
    Hi, just wondering if you found a free CNA class, I found one in Coventry, It is free, you just have to pay for the book and equiptment + scrubs... And you DONT have to work there after you finish the is at Alpine nursing home, I have heard alot of great things about them, and the instructor is really nice...