ccri spring 2017

  1. I want to apply in august for ccri spring 2017 program. who else is applying and what are your scores
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  3. by   Yrose01
    I will be applying also. Taking my Hesi exam on 7/18. Have you taken it? Is there a science portion? How about using a calculator? Have you also noticed that they changed things around. No more Lincoln days
  4. by   belle1982
    im not confident with my score
  5. by   Dee Marie
    I applied too I only applied to Lincoln only. I wish both campuses were night.
  6. by   Yrose01
    Does anyone know the hours and days that classes would be for day or night program? I'm applying to the program but trying to decide if I can apply to 3 campuses to better my chances. I can never attend those info session because I have 3 toddler at home.
  7. by   FutureNP319
    I'm applying with 175 points. They gave us more options this year so hopefully the scores will be more varied
  8. by   blynnn
    I am applying with 183 points! I am so nervous though because i heard its going to be a hard one to get into,I'm hoping my GPA tiebreaker will get me in if it comes down to it! how many points do you have?!
  9. by   RNhopeful89
    I applied with 192 points. I feel pretty confident but the waiting game is nauseating!! I should've waited until the end of the month :-p Good luck everyone! I hope we all get in!
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  10. by   blynnn
    @RNhopeful89 you totally got this!!! great job and good luck !!!! i know the anticipation is killing me!
  11. by   mklg
    Hello everyone! I also applied with 192 points. I'm excited and nervous. Did anyone apply to the Newport campus as first choice? Does anyone know when we will be notified?
  12. by   TobeyLU
    Hi everyone! Anyone hear any dates about when we will find out? Last 2 application periods they found out 2-3 weeks after the application period ended!! Wish they would give a date!! I applied Lincoln nights only with 191 points. Im nervous. Wish we could find out soon!!!
  13. by   imreallyjohn127
    I just got everything together and submitted my app with 187 points. I'm nervous but when I went to the info session last month I was told that the lowest score they accept is usually in the high 170s so that's good! For finding out if you're accepted I've heard people say they found out a few days after and a few said that they heard a few weeks after.
  14. by   kmmiller
    I'm applying with 187 points for Warwick Day! I'm so nervous, and hate waiting