CCRI Nurs 1010 schedule

  1. Hi All
    I am applying to CCRI in Feb for Fall 2011. Can anyone give me an idea what the schedule will be like for Nurs1010. hours / days? I looked on the website but the syllabus that is posted is very confusing to follow...
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  3. by   Rhody34
    I'm in Nursing 1020 night/weekend- but the schedule is basically the same as 1010.

    Monday: Clinical 3pm-11pm
    Tuesday: Lecture 6pm-9pm
    Wednesday: Exams (5 per semester) 615pm-715pm
    Thursday: Lecture 6pm-9pm
    Friday: pick up clinical assignment after 3pm
    Saturday: Clinical every other weekend 7am-3pm
    Sunday: Clinical every other weekend 7am-3pm, and pick up Monday clinical assignment on off weekends after 1pm.

    Hope this helps- not sure about the Day program! Good luck- its a lot of work but its such a great ride!
  4. by   beatrice1
    you will have two days of lecture usually 9:00am-11:30 and two days of clinical. You will not find out your schedule untill very shortly before classes start. It depends on what instructor you have and where/when they do thier clinicals. Be prepared to be very flexible!

    Just finished the program!!
  5. by   mgalano
    I am in Nurs1010 now and my schedule is Monday and Wed 8-11am
    And clinical days are Thursday and Friday. The times differ on th. and fri for the first few weeks as you are in lab.
  6. by   Amarilis
    Hi, I'm conditionally accepted into CCRI's Nursing Day Program Fall 2011; I will be attending classes on Tuesday and Wednesdays from 8:50am-11:00am. Hope this helps!
  7. by   XKMX
    Amarilis, are you going to the Knight Campus? I was conditionally accepted to the day nursing program at Knight Campus, and sent in my background check. I don't know if we're supposed to hear anything back from that, because I haven't, but I don't have a record. I registered for Nurs 1010 yesterday for the Tuesday and Thursday 8-10:50 am.
  8. by   Amarilis
    XKMX, I'm going to take Nursing 1010 Day 8-10:50am at the Liston campus in Providence. You should be fine since you sent in your BCI and was able to register for Fall 2011. I tried to register but I'm restricted from doing so, and none of the other students have registered. I guess we have to wait until the system recognizes that we've completed the requirements.
  9. by   XKMX
    Thanks for replying. So I'm assuming they don't send out an "official" acceptance letter (compared to the conditionally accepted one)? Does anyone know the next step after registering for classes?
  10. by   emabox
    I have been conditionally accepted into Warwick day for 2011, I've been wondering about an official letter too. I was able to register for 1010 but im still unsure what to do? Does anyone know what the next step is??
  11. by   Amarilis
    I spoke to enrollment services on Thursday and the lady I spoke to told me that I should be receiving an email from the Nursing Department for an official acceptance letter. She didn't have a clue on when I'll receive the letter. Has anyone who's been in the program ever had professor Norquist, if so, is she a good professor? I tried searching for her on and she's not in there.
  12. by   XKMX
    Emabox- I'm in the same exact boat as you. I'm going to Warwick too. I have not heard anything about an official acceptance.

    Amarilis- How do you know which professor you have? Under my 1010 class it still has about ten different professors listed. Hopefully this official acceptance thing will be cleared up soon, I feel like there's so many "what ifs" to this application process.
  13. by   Amarilis
    I don't know if Norquist will be my professor... I did a search on mostly all the professors on rate my and I wasn't able to find Norquist. I'm curious to know what kind of professor she is.
  14. by   mgalano
    Norquist is the Head of Nursing 1010, you don't actually have her as a prof. You don't have one prof, you have a few. They team teach so you can have 2 different prof in one day. The only person that stays consistent is your clinical teacher.