CCRI February 2016 Nursing Applicants...

  1. Hi, I'm applying this February 2016 for the nursing program, who's with me?
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  3. by   Jmd1334
    I'm applying too I'm February, Lincoln and Newport as I have to do the night program bc of work. If I'm not mistaken in any of my point categories I should have 185. I'm hoping to meet with someone at the school ASAP to verify this for sure though.
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  4. by   katyq82
    I am too! Finishing up my prereq's this term... eeek!
  5. by   lbrissette123
    I am applying in February as well! Finally finished all my pre reqs and took the HESI yesterday. How many points do you guys have? I am pretty nervous I feel like with all the changes to the program it will be competitive this coming application period. Good luck to everyone!
  6. by   LynnNelli
    Hi! I'm new to this forum. I am applying February 2016 and I have 171 points
  7. by   Jhill322
    I am applying in Feb too. Very excited and nervous. I think with the change in requirements there may be more applicants than normal. Fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!
  8. by   mlk3792
    I'm applying as well. My schedule is flexible so I'm apply to all. First choice is Lincoln days. I have 179.8 points. Very nervous bc of the new requirements. Fingers crossed. Wishing all good luck.
  9. by   katyq82
    I am applying to Warwick days as my first choice but going to list all the options. I have 150 points as of today based on GPA and prereq's but I still need to take the HESI, I am taking that on Wednesday morning. Does anyone know if you receive your HESI score right away after taking the test?

    I'm so nervous- both about applying and the actual program if I do get in! Its been 10 years since I was last in college and now with having kids, etc. its going to be a lot different! Exciting though. Good luck to everyone!
  10. by   LynnNelli
    Yes you get HESI scores right away, they say up to 24hrs but as soon as I left my scores were already sent to my email. Good luck!
  11. by   katyq82
  12. by   krb1189
    Hi all - getting really excited/super nervous about application time coming up... Just took the HESI and I'll be applying with a total of 179 points for Fall 2016 evenings. I was feeling pretty confident about my score but after reading other applicant posts I don't know whether it's good or just pretty average at best... Trying not to overthink anything but praying it is enough to make the cut [emoji120]. Does anyone have any further info on this new point system? Hope to be in touch with you all throughout the process, as we are all in the same position! Good luck to everyone!
  13. by   Abrown77
    I'm applying with 181.8 very anxious. Might do the hesi again. Got 35 on it. Had a B in anatomy
  14. by   lilg8387
    I will be applying to all campuses except Newport. I have 178.3 points. The average seems to be around the 180s