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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have a question about the application process at CCRI. I've tried asking a few advisors, but I get different answers. Hoping maybe someone here can help?

    Right now, I'm finishing up all of my pre-reqs. The only two I have left (Into to Health and Micro), I'm registered for this fall. I'm trying to apply for the Newport spring session.

    Do they send out accepance letters if you're currently enrolled (with a stipulation that you pass)? I would love to apply in October, but obviously will still be in these two classes. Or, do I need to wait? Last year, they had an "open application period" from January 4-15th. I'd hate to wait and pray for a last-minute acceptance, knowing that my chances might be slim to none of getting in. I have all of the other pre-reqs with a 3.8 gpa. I'm taking my TEAS next month.

    Thank you!!!
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  3. by   rissyroo
    I am in the same boat as you!! I have all but 1 pre-req done! Fall 2010 I will be retaking Human Physiology, ended up getting a C+ but needed the B-. August 9th I will be taking my TEAS test and I would like to get into the Lincoln Nursing Day program in the spring of 2011. I too wanted to know if I can apply in October because I had seen an open application period on CCRI'S nursing page, and I had went to the advisors and had no luck they gave me the run around! Hopefully they let us apply without us having all of our classes done by a certain time, we will be midway through our class at that point anyways! Have you gotten all your shots yet? im stiill in the process. I hope we are able to apply in October for January! if you hear anything let me know and vice versa! good luck in your upcomming classes!

  4. by   lilkuz06
    Did you see they have an open application period from Jan 4-15th? It's such a short window to get in for the spring, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I haven't scheduled the TEAS yet because I want to brush up with the study guide first. I'll probably scedule it for late August (either at CCRI or BCC).
    I had a Titres (spelling?) done to see what I was immune to for the shots. I have everything covered except for the MMR (measles). I'm still nursing my baby, so I can't get the shot yet She should be weaned by Nov, if not earlier, so I should have it by then.
    I'm planning to apply for Newport days. Have you taken the Intro to Health? I'm taking that in Newport this fall.
  5. by   rissyroo
    good to know I did not see that open application period for Jan 4th to the 15th yet! good luck in intro to health and to answer your question yes, i took it in my first semester at ccri straight out of high school, its a very easy class you will do great! just alot of memorization but easy! Micro is very easy as well! better than anatomy and physiology! Im just hoping to pass Physiology with a B- this

  6. by   rissyroo
    hey i just looked on the site and the only time it was open from January 4th to the 15 was earlier this year in January 2010. Was there a link to where you saw that they are doing the same thing in 2011 as well? thanks !!

  7. by   omm2010
    Im in the same boat. Finishing up my last pre-reqs now (FALL) and would like to apply for the program this October. Has anyone heard any more info. Technically we have not completed the pre-req's but we will be ready in January (or is it Feb, I forget?) just like everyone else!

    If they dont let us apply for October, and there isnt a quick application period in January, will we not be applying till Feb to start in September? I dont know about you but I do not want to sit on my but for 9 months!!!

    I also continue to go to Advising and I just get the same run around! Why is this such a secret? It would be nice if we could (try) to plan our next year.

    Oh- and how was the TEAS test? Is it something you can actually study for? Im taking it this Saturday and I havent started studying for it yet.

    Thanks for any info...I think this is the way word will travel once the school leaks something out.
  8. by   beanie1711
    i just applied for the ccri nursing program october 1st anyoe know when ill here back?
  9. by   k31kozumi
    i liked the comment about ccri nursing info being so secretive.

    i am in nursing 1010 now in providence and let me tell you, even after getting accepted and starting the semester many things are still a "secret" it seems.

    i applied this past june and got accepted in july. i did not know my clinical days until end of august. financial aid was a bit late but i got it.

    one reason you can't get a straight answer from anyone is that everything is not settled it seems. our clinical and lab schedules are still changing as far as what we cover.

    oh well. i suggest you speak to someone in person at the OES. good luck to everyone!
  10. by   beanie1711
    has anyone heard yet about getting in for the spring?
  11. by   omm2010
    a little background on what happened to me and my timeline:
    I took the TEAS in mid-Oct and failed the English part. pretty depressing considering I got near perfect scores in English on my Accuplacer!!!! So embarressed. (I recommend going to Liston campus...they are super laid back, super flexible- avoid Warwick/Lincoln as their dates are pre-determined, fill up fast, and they dont let you bring a drink!) So the test really does take about 3 hours ( and I am a fast test-taker). the tests are timed. there is no break (to pee), and by the end of 3 hours I was pretty de-hydrated! Just a little insight to help those out who have not taken it yet...

    so, because I failed the TEAS (by a half a percent), I wasnt able to re-test before the end of October.

    Beanie1711- did you hear anything yet? did you notice the seats are starting to fill online? which campus did you apply for? Best of luck to you!!!
  12. by   beanie1711
    i have not heard ANYTHING im so nervous and i applied at the end of aug for the fall and never got anything no letter nothing. im so nervous i just want to start...i hate this waiting game! i wish i knew when they would tell me
  13. by   Amarilis
    Hi, I'm a student at CCRI and I was wondering, does the CCRI Nursing Program accept students with a GPA of 3.25? I know the requirement is 2.7 but I read a blog about someone not getting accepted with a GPA of 4.0 :spin:
  14. by   omm2010
    Beanie- you applied in Aug for the Fall 2010 start and they never gave you an official acceptance/rejection? which campus? I would be calling the admissions person for that campus!!!

    i know...thats in the past....I hope you hear soon tho!!!