CCRI Acceptance for Fall

  1. Hi all, has anyone heard from CCRI about acceptance for the Fall? Trying not to stress out given how many openings they had for spring, but you know how hard that is!
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  3. by   Breenk
    I just received an email with an acceptance letter attached for Lincoln evening Fall 2010. It states I will get my official acceptance in the mail in a few weeks. No word on when Orientation will be. I expected to receive a phone call. I am so excited! Good Luck!
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  4. by   chrissy327
    congrats!!!!!!!!! I am also a CCRI nursing student.. I received my letter last year at this same time... I am now ending my second semester... I also was a lincoln student but the opening I was offered was in newport, so I recomend to anyone who is looking to stay in the campus they started in, go with what ever they offer you so you don't wait longer... Newport really isn't that far... it is a nice campus... good luck, when your letter comes in the mail all the info you will need will be there... the summer will seem sooo long now because your excited... enjoy now it really is alot of work...........
  5. by   ksiv
    hi chrissy327,
    did you originally apply for the lincoln campus and was offered acceptance at a different location(newport)? i will be applying for the program next month and i am a nervous wreck. my first choice is the lincoln evening program, but i was told that i might have a better chance getting into the knight day program since there are more seats available. do you know roughly how many seats are available per campus? i went to advising, but the counselors were unable to give me an answer. they were not helpful at all.
  6. by   Jubilayhee
    you have a better chance with warwick
  7. by   kellbell11
    Hi all ! Congrats to everyone accepted! I have a curious question for any students that have started the program or finished. Is there a difference in clinical locations based on what campus you are accepted?

    I understand that each semester progresses to a different level so for example it would make sense to have all students do clinicals at Hasbro while learning pediatric.. But just generally speaking if you live in Newport are accepted to the Newport campus, would you do clinicals at Newport hospital? If you are in Warwick at the Warwick campus would you do clinicals at Kent?

    I have been accepted to Warwick this fall and I live in Bristol.. I have actually been flexible enough to consider moving to Warwick or surrounding areas in order to make life a bit simpler as Bristol is at min 30 min commute.. I have a 4 yr old that needs to change preschools due to his current one not being open early enough for me to consider commuting from Bristol and make it anywhere on time..

    At the same time searching for rentals has become a thorn in my side, perhaps I am picky, but there seems to be soo many dumpy outdated attic type apartments for outrageous prices,even in places like pawtucket, CF, woonyville (not a fan) and then if I do find something, as a parent, I have to do a bunch of sex offender/criminal checks for that area and I wonder if it best to take my chances and re apply to Newport for Jan.. or possibly Lincoln if I am better suited to find affordable rentals in that area (johnston/smithfield.. ) ... Just looking for some insight on those already in what are they saying about clinicals is there a major difference between campuses? and any insight on rentals too
  8. by   Northofnowhere
    Hi kellbell11,

    First congratulations for getting into the program. I am in the day program at the Lincoln campus and will be graduating this December.
    So the scoop is that while they try and have you do your clinicals as close to where you live as possible, it doesn't always work out that way.
    Like I said, I attend the day program in Lincoln, I live in Seekonk. My clinicals so far have been at RI Hospital, Kent in Warwick, and Landmark in Woonsocket. I have had friend though that live in Providence, or Northern RI that even got assignments at Newport hospital. They do sometimes let you switch around your rotation, if someone else in your group is looking, or if there is an opening, but sometimes you get stuck where they assign you. They use any and all hospitals in RI.

    Hope that answers your question somewhat. You just have to be prepared that you could be driving all over the state for clinicals!

    Good luck.
  9. by   kellbell11
    YES! Thank you for that info.. And your placements were each semester correct? One hospital per semester or did you have to go between the variations during the 16 weeks..?

    I figured it would be anywhere up and down the state but was curious if there was a method to placements based on campus locations so that student placement numbers would be organized between the sites.. RI is small enough of course,but I find myself stuck in the middle over here in Bristol as much as I enjoy the town.. 136 is a nightmare of traffic and lights that the other day I went to look at a place in Warwick and it took an hour.
    It even takes about 20 -30 mins to get to Newport but that is due to the portsmouth area being 25 miles an hour..
    So I feel centrally located is best.. I actually would prefer the lincoln campus seems due to RIC/PC there are more options for affordable renting and its still central to Providence Hospitals; and the balance of work and life against the timing of the 4 semesters would suit me to start in Jan as I also need to work and am a single parent..

    Child care facilities continue to surprise me with their hours of operation.. 8-4?? .. or something like that.. I mean where do all the health professionals bring their children when they work 7-3 or 7-7.. I guess they are all married and have someone at home or something..

    I don't know I lived in Fla for 7 yrs and all the schools had child care (free for students during class time) and a huge majority of hospitals had on site child care facilities, open at night, for health care workers .. even if your child was sick you could bring them and come in for your shift (hence it is a hospital).. seems smart to me and in line with the current times of how families are today..

    BUT I don't know if I want to take my chances and re apply in Aug. I don't belive they consider you were previously accepted.. or maybe? My GPA is high, but why press my luck it takes long enough the first time around..

    Great thing is I work from home so essentially i can live anywhere... Orientation is in a couple of weeks.. I have already bought books and read and scoured the internet for videos/ lectures and those kinds of things for a while now just to have knowledge and insight ahead of time...
  10. by   violin9
    Has anyone heard from the June 2011 application period? I applied that period to the Knight campus- day program. I too was told that I had a better chance of getting in there because there were more seats. I have a classmate who already found out, yet when I inquired at enrollment services, the nursing advisor and advising and counseling and I was told that that would have been impossible since they don't make the decisions until July. I don't know. oh well. any thoughts?
  11. by   Northofnowhere
    Quote from kellbell11
    YES! Thank you for that info.. And your placements were each semester correct? One hospital per semester or did you have to go between the variations during the 16 weeks..?
    There is some moving around during the semester, it varies for each level. Here's how it has gone for me.

    Nursing 1010:
    1st 3 weeks, CCRI Nursing Lab for basic nursing care
    2nd 3 weeks, Nursing Home, Woonsocket
    Last 8 weeks, RI Hospital

    Nursing 2020:
    13 Weeks(or so), Kent Hospital, Warwick

    Nursing 2040:
    1st 5 weeks, Eleanor Slater, Cranston
    Last 10 weeks, Landmark Hospital, Woonsocket (Some students get this 15 weeks broken up into 3 rotations, I was lucky to only have 2)

    Nursing 2050 is usually done at only one rotation site from what I've heard.
  12. by   am11699
    I just received an email from the person in charge of flanagan campus applications for fall. She said email notifications will be emailed no later than friday, june 15th. I also asked her if we would be notified if there were any openings at a different campus, but she hasn't responded yet. I am SO nervous.
  13. by   violin9
    Thanks for the info. I have been away for the past two weeks and brought my laptop with me. I have checked daily and no word. TOday is July 15 and I have still heard nothing. I emailed the person in charge of the Warwick campus program. We'll see if he responds. This is such a game. For the August application period somw of the programs have left-over seats (the fall programs) and the Spring 2012 programs can be applied to also. I don't know if I want to keep chasing this dream. It seems elusive and I am trying to protect myself from yet another disappointment in my career endeavors. I have taken past disappointments hard and don't want to set myself up for another major depressive episode. What a misfit I am.
  14. by   am11699
    Hi, I talked to the person in charge of the lincoln applications, warwick is completely separate. I didn't hear anything today, I am taking it I didn't get in
    She also told be that they do not notify you if seats are available at other campuses, you have to reapply. Oh well, I guess I will have to wait and see and maybe apply for the spring semester. My GPA isn't the greatest so I am not getting my hopes up. I wish you luck. If you didn't get it, don't give up you will get it eventually