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Rhinestone crocs.


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I am a crocs fanatic, too, but Avon just came out with their own rip-off of them but they have rhinestones! I think it's a cute way to glam up those pajamas we call scrubs, haha.

They have them in a few colors (white, black, bronze/gold and silver) and I think they are pretty comfy. I haven't had much problem with the croc stop, either. They do run more narrow than a Croc, tho.

If you want to take a look at them, you can go to http://www.avon.com and type in Rhinestone Comfort Slide

I really love mine and thought I'd pass it on :)

Not much or well done rhinestoning on those. I could do a much nicer job to a pair of real crocs.:)


Specializes in Assisted Living, Med-Surg/CVA specialty.

I'm not that creative, but you should try!!

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but just think about the amount of grunge that will collect around those rhinestones-----yech!

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