reviews needed,, for residency programs


HI everyone, I have found the boards to be quite helpful in locating hospitals that offer residency programs and new grad training programs, but what I really cannot seem to find, is reviews/experiences from people who have DONE these residency programs. I want to know how they were, if you liked it, if you would do it agian. Any to stay away from? I am really interested in teh success rate and retention rate but have not been able to get any answers from HR. They always say they are not sure and they will get back to me, of course to no avail.

Even if you did not do the residency yourself, can you speak for the one your hospital offers? I am planning to relocate to Texas or Fl, and really want to give myself the best chance for success. I am hoping to find a program that people enjoyed, and where the nurses STAY after there contract.


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If I were you, I would focus on getting an interview wherever possible and then posing those questions directly to the unit manager interviewing you. I have always received answers and when they are really well prepared I know the manager is involved and knows whats up.

They should give you time at the end of the interview to answer your questions. Bring them on a list written out. It shows that you prepared and are making an educated decision.