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Have any of you been subject to a review before issue of your RN license by GBON? I answered "yes" to a suspension on a previous teaching license that I held so now my initial licensure as a RN is being held up. I passed the NCLEX three weeks ago. I have been told the "cognizant board member" is reviewing my file. If you have been thru this please tell me how long it took. I am pretty sure my file will not have to go to the full board which meets in Sept, but how long will it take this board member?:confused:

The staff of the Georgia Board of Nursing have certain parameters within which they may approve applications for licensure. When applicants have criminal or disciplinary history that falls outside of the Board determined parameters the application must be reviewed by the Board. The Georgia Board of Nursing meets every other month (January, March, May, etc.) for two days to conduct business. To keep business moving in a timely manner, the Board appoints "cognizant members" to review information between board meetings. Cognizants are individuals appointed by the Board who make decisions that are then presented to the full Board for ratification. Members of the Georgia Board of Nursing are not paid employees of the State of Georgia and have other jobs and responsibilities outside of the Board. Most of the cognizants' work is done on nights and weekends during board members' "spare" time. Unfortunately, the staff is typically unable to provide a definite timeline for cognizant review. Most cognizant decisions are returned to the staff within three weeks. It is important to note that the cognizant may direct the staff how to proceed or the cognizant may refer the file to the full Board.

Thank you SO SO much for your excellent and informative answer to my question. It was exactly the information that I have been trying to find out each time I call the GBON. If only the customer service reps. would be this informative

Hello, i just found out my application have been sent to this cognizant. How long has it been for you or have you received your license yet. I feeling really low right now.

Hello Monkey.

I am still patiently waiting for the cognizant to make a decision. I do call weekly and have found out from customer service rep. that my file is still with the cognizant. I try my hardest to be patient because I AM the one who got myself into this situation to begin with. I made the bad choice years ago and I will face the consequences. That being said, it is hard to wait and I can't help but be a bit jealous of my "nursing school buddies" who already have their license. Good Luck and God Bless. Everything will turn out good for the both of us.


Hey guys, I was in the same situation just a few weeks ago. I'm a May graduate,a nd I initially submitted my application may 3rd ... took boards on June 3rd, and I did not get my license until August 3rd, after the board met & reviewed middle of July. I had put "Yes" on the background/arrest question in regards to an expunged charge. It's impossible to be patient when you're waiting on something so important, but you just have to wait.

Best of luck.

Thank you for responding. What I dont understand what does the board cognizant do before it goes to review. Do it matter what the expunged is? To get clarification, it may takes up to 3months or so to get them?. Thank you for responding.

There isn't a specific time frame, to my knowledge. Mine just happened to be two months after I passed the NCLEX b/c of when the board met. I don't know about the cognizant... I know that there was an "analyst" handling my case. The board grants/denies on a case by case basis, and I know as long as you're honest, you are more than likely going to be okay.

Thank you so much for explaining. I am glad that you have your license. I will wait. You have explained the process thats makes it easier. I dont know but honesty and hope I be ok. I will post here as soon as I get the results. Thanks alot.

Hello, I was sondering have you heard a response from the board?. I do not know you but I am hoping for what is best for the both of us.

I was told this week that my application is going to the full board next week. I am somewhat nervous but I do believe in my heart that it will be ok.

@sheri644...So what happened with your case?

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