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i will be graduating december of this year, and i want to be sure that i am prepared for my fnp boards. i was wondering if any of you went to a review course before you took your boards? and if you did, which one? hollier, fitzgerald, etc...? was it worth your time and $$$$?

*i purchased the family nurse practitioner certification review, 2nd ed by zerwekh over a year ago, it was a good review book. but now i probably need to change books. any suggestions on certification review books that you loved or disliked?

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I Dont graduate to May of Next Year but my school reccomends Fitzgerald's review and if u check around on here there are a couple of other suggestions. Currently I'm looking at the review book by Leik and I'm enjoying the setup very much. Try locating it at your library and then u can graze through it and see if it's something that you would like.

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I loved Fitzgerald's review book and course. I would highly recommend her review course if it's convenient to you.

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