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I am a nursing student preparing to graduate in December, and I am trying to figure out how best to prepare for the NCLEX. A lot of people have been recommending the Kaplan course, but I'm not sure I want to spend that much money. For those of you who have passed NCLEX and took the Kaplan course, would you highly recommend it? Or for those who did not take the course, do you wish that you would have?

I took Kaplan to prepare for the nclex. I found the questions on the nclex resembled the kaplan questions a lot!! However, without not knowing the information, I would have NOT passed the nclex. I used Saunders mainly for content review. If you feel you are good with the content and you want to save money, then you may just want to purchase Lippincotts Alternate format questions book, kaplan comprehensive review (you can find it on amazon for like 15$ and it has questions in the back and on the cd), follow tootrn on instagram (she's amazing), and exam cram (also about 20$ on amazon). So, all in all, you would possibly spend about 50$. Good Luck. If you need anything else, please ask. You will do great! Just go over questions daily for about 2 hours. (and find a time in the day that you can concentrate best at)

I passed my NCLEX with a first try and used Kaplan almost solely. I also used their Content review guide (which I think is great, it focuses on NURSING stuff) and watched youtube videos by Michael Linares (VERY helpful!).

And, I agree, NCLEX questions kind of resemble the Kaplan, but not exactly the same. And, NCLEX have the same screen design that Kaplan has, so you feel like you are experienced with this )))

When you are doing Kaplan, you learn that strategy which they use for NCLEX. Once you get it, you are safe. There were even questions that you don't know the answer, but using that strategy you eliminate the wrong answers and come up with the most appropriate solution, which turns out a correct choice! The most important thing in Kaplan, I would say, once you finished practice test YOU MUST go back and review it reading explanation for ALL choices, so next time you will know why this is correct and that is wrong.

hope this helps. Good Luck!


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