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Review Course: Barkley or Fitzgerald?


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Hello all. I am officially finished with my FNP program on Sunday...Woo hoo! I definitely want to attend a review course, but didn't know which one would prepare me better for the national cert...Barkley or Fitzgerald. I have the opportunity to attend either live course. Can anyone elaborate on which one might be better?


I have really like the material with Barkley Review, our program is requiring we use it. I've heard other people say the Fitz is good for clinical practice review but not as good for a test review. I have heard some of her CDs and they are entertaining.

I like Barkley review and APEA review. Both have their differences in style but they will help you with passing the exam. I did both. Although, I like Barkley's live review course book better than APEA because it gave you a chart of the diseases side by side so that you can compare....it was also in color and in my opinion, Barkley's live review course book is so much better than APEA and the peds section is also much more elaborate. Barkley is a great review!

lhflanurseNP, APRN

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My program encourages Leik and the APEA reviews.