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Hey Everyone,

I am in need of a bit of advice. Long story short, I was forced to leave nursing school in April of 2012, three weeks before the semester was over.(My Senior Year, with One Semester left) My hardship was approved, but the college won't let me back in. I attended a very distinguished and reputable nursing program in GA, it has a 100% pass on the NCLEX for each class. I was forced to come to Florida, and have since gotten back on my feet. I have debated whether or not to return to nursing, but all of my life's goals revolved around nursing.

Getting into a nursing program is going to be very difficult because of the W's. However, I have looked at several programs in this state. I am going to have to go to a for profit college, and I am not happy with this. But the preregs at other schools, and the cost of out of state tuition doesn't really make local colleges/universities better.

All of my preregs will transfer, and the college is going to allow me to take the final of their current class. They will give me credit for my previous nursing experience. I am not gonna take the exam for OB/Pediatrics, or advanced med-surge, as I feel I need an in-depth review of these classes. However, I am gonna do it for fundamentals, psych, and intro to pharm.

Florida Career College has an NCLEX pass rate of only 32%, and the dang college is in a shopping center. I feel this is an insult to my intellect, and my transcript. However, it is the fasted and more assured way to finish my ASN.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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What part of Florida are you located? You may want to contact the FL board of nursing as i believe if you completed Nursing 3 you can take the LPN course, and then you can do 1 year bridge.


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Have you looked at UCF? I thought I saw somewhere on their site you can apply if you were dismissed or want to transfer from another program. Check it out under their website: Page 13. Maybe if you also wrote a letter along with the documents they request, they will see your passion and admit you :) good luck!