Returning LVN to work as MA?


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hi, all. i've been an lvn since 1992. i worked at texas childrens for 20 mos, then for an allergy/asthma specialist office for another 6 yrs, plus some additional prn work there. but i have mostly been home with kids since 2002. i found out that an occupational health clinic needs some help, probably more of a ma position. i found out through someone my husband works with... his wife works there. my name and work history (and lack of recent work) was given to the office manager there, and they are going to call me on thursday. so far i have been given the impression that the are ok with the fact that i haven't worked recently. they have had some low-quality people in there, and are looking for someone with some professionalism. i was concerned about returning to the field after so long as far as the texas bon goes. i have always renewed my license and taken my ceus. i recently double-checked this with the webmaster at the bon website, and this is the reply i got: "

licensure isn't based on whether you work or not. so long as you renew and do your ce's, it doesn't matter whether you are working or not, nor for how long." so i take that to mean i am ok to work as far as licensing goes.

i guess my question is, if i get hired in a ma position for ma pay, do i sign my name ma or lvn? also, my license is up for renewal in novmber. in the section where you report if you work or not, do i count ma work as using my nursing skills? i am interested in this job if they are willing to train me and get me up to speed skills wise. i think this has the potential to be a good situation, as long as i am honest about my rusty-ness. and i plan to be very up front.

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Well of course you would have to sign LVN because that is what legally you are. I wonder if when you interview they might be open to changing the job to be now for an LVN?


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I've been working for family practices for 2 years now and we have had RNs and LPNs working MA positions and they get paid at an LPN/RN rate, plus sign their names w/ their credentials.