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I just started a new job this week at an assisted living facility. Its going ok I guess. Its a nice place and the staff and residents seem friendly. Of course there are problems like the pay is'nt the greatest, there are no benefits and they are still short-staffed, but at least its a job. Anyway, I have a weird question. How soon do you have to let the unemployment agency and the student loan center know that you have a job? I assume with the unemp. you can just file the weekly claim and put change of hours-accepted work on the form. The only info I found in the booklet was you are suppose to let them know when you are offered work. I did'nt do that since I accepted it already. For the loan company, I have one loan deffered and the other one in forebarence. It would be nice to keep them that way for a couple months so I can get caught back up on bills a little and maybe get a little cushion (which I never seem to have). But I don't want to get in trouble for not reporting it right away. I'm not sure what they can do (I don't want my credit affected or anything). I guess I'll just call them next week and let them know and see what my options are. I don't think it was a big deal I did'nt let them know this week as I only trained for 3 days, but what do you guys and gals think?

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Your most valuable asset is your credit rating. Don't mess that up. Be honest to them that you would like to be able to extend the time. If you try some funny stuff, they will slam you down. Be very careful. Not paying your bills is a breach of contract.

Hang in there.

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