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My most recentNursing experience x 9 years has been as Advice Nurse / Telephone Triage. Planning now on return to probably UC orED. Had worked ED x 14 years in the past. and 2 years Psych Charge.

Concerned about low starting pay or not being accepted back into Nursing d/t long timeout of bedside nursing.

I plan on taking a 2 month Nursing RE entry refresher then getting my ACLS andTNCC and PALS. I have total of 27 years experience as RN.

Will that refresher and updating of certifications be enough to open doors for entry to ER Nursing?

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Welcome back!

I'm sure that the refresher & certifications should help you get in the door. The biggest challenge with be psychomotor skills - will the refresher course take care of those? A whole lot has changed in the last 9 years. It will be interesting to see the changes that you notice and how you interpret them.

Keep us posted on your progress - and insight on the changed environment.

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Would be interesting to hear how it goes.

Seems these days, the very experienced nurses are the ones to be pushed out of current positions or never get interviews. So NGs and very experienced seem least wanted. Those with @3 years seem to have least resistance in the job hunt.