Super old new grad, any adavice on hoe to return to nursing

  1. I did my associates in nursing 15 years ago, but never worked as a nurse. I now want to start working, where should i start, im wondering if I do my RN-BSN can help me get a job
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    You may want to look into the requirements of your BON- you may need a refresher course.
  4. by   Laylag18
    Yes, I will take my refresher first.
  5. by   RenewalRN
    I'm in a similar situation... but graduated more recently
  6. by   GoodDay2017
    1. Is your RN current? If not, look into what you need to do.
    2. Check with BRN, do you need refresher course? If so, look for one with a clinical on the floor component.
    3. Figure out "Your story." Why you left, what you have been doing to stay relevant, and why you want to return.
    4. Craft an updated resume and cover letter.
    5. Start applying and networking.
    6. Get ready for those interviews. Behavorial questions are all the rage now. Learn about how to answer them.
    7. Stay positive.

    RNInterview Tools. Find them on facebook for many more tips.
  7. by   GoodDay2017
    Also get certificates relating to unit you want to show you are doing everything you can to get yourself up to speed. ACLS PALS BLS NRP STABLE ....
  8. by   inthecosmos
    You'll have to explain why you didn't pursue the career once the degree was completed, as GoodDay2017 mentioned!