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  1. please..does anyone know how i can brush up on my nursing stuff. been out of school for a long time. i feel like i am forgetting alot of basic stuff. thank you in advance.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Need a little more info:

    What kind of refresher? RN, APN???

    How long have you been out of school? 1 year or 20?

    What is your goal with this refresher??
  4. by   Fabiana Ferreira
    Quote from traumaRUs
    Need a little more info:

    What kind of refresher? RN, APN???

    How long have you been out of school? 1 year or 20?

    What is your goal with this refresher??
    Hello traumaRUs,

    My name is Fabiana and I am facing the same problem as tobesmartt!
    I had my graduation (2006); I worked for about 8 months in public health.
    Since this time, I'm away from nursing studies or job!
    I am think in RN refresher for me be able to have confidence in myself again.

    Please, I would appreciate your valuable advice!

    Thank you in advance.

  5. by   traumaRUs
    Let me move this to the Retired/Inactive Nurses Forum - they have discussed RN refresher courses.
  6. by   121tjc
    I was out of nursing for 10 years, recently returned as an RN volunteer. Before I go back full time, I plan to participate in the local community college's (St. Petersburg College) return to work for RN's program (the program offers 2 courses: one for nurses who are having trouble with nclex and one for nurses who have been out of the work force). The course consists of 120 hours computer class work and 96 hours of clinical. It costs around $800. As a warning, I paid for and completed Sigma Theta Tau's online return to work, then spoke to a recruiter who kindly suggested that clinical work is a necessary component of a return to work program. Hope this helps and I did this correctly, it's my first post. Good luck.
  7. by   caliotter3
    If there is no local refresher course available, I would suggest getting a copy of the latest edition of the Saunders Comprehensive Review and a copy of the latest edition of one of the photo atlases of nursing procedures for self study. Once you have put some time in reviewing these books, seek out an understanding employer if employment is your goal. There is nothing like on the job training to get going with improving job skills. An employer will put you in touch with the staff development person who will assist you in your goals and will also talk to your immediate supervisor so they know what your situation is. Best wishes.
  8. by   Fabiana Ferreira
    hello everybody! thank you for the valuable advice!
    caliotter3, please, wich atlas of nursing procedures do you recomend?

    best wishes for all of you!
  9. by   caliotter3
    The nursing skills book that I like is "Clinical Nursing Skills" by Sandra F. Smith, Donna J. Duell, and Barbara C. Martin. It is published by Pearson Prentice Hall.
  10. by   Fabiana Ferreira
    hi caliotter3!
    i'll check it out!

    thanks a lot
  11. by   TexasNurseEducator
    I think that a review of textbook knowledge or advanced CEs and updates to certifications or sufficient for nurses with a short time out (less than 2 years). But, in this job market anything more than that and it is almost impossible to get someone to look at you without a refresher program that includes clinicals. Call your state BON for specific requirements. A few years ago it was 4-5 years or more out and you had to have a class even with an active license but, the market has gotten a lot tighter and the facilites do not want to spend the extra week or 2 of time and pay that it would probably take to get you up to speed. Another way to attack this issue if you have a Diploma or ADN is to go back for BSN and come through as new grad and do an internship. Hope this helps you. You can also google nurse refresher programs and your city or state. Make sure it includes clinicals this is what the facilities want the most.