Reactivating License Without Hassell of "School"

  1. I'm an RN who deactivated my license in 06. Both my husband's and mine came up for renewal @ the same time.
    $170 is a lot for only one who is working. On the renewal form, there was no indication if I deactivated I'd have to jump through hoops to get it back. If so, I would've found the money somewhere. Two years ago when I decided to renew, our very "unreasonable" State Board told me all the hoops and how high I'd have to jump to get my license back; back to school or retake the boards.
    As all nurses know, we work our tails off not only to get through school, but take and pass boards on our first try.
    I have no infractions on my license or employment records and I refuse to pay $2000+/session and work for free @ "clinical." It's my kids turn for college not mine.
    I felt so we all do, and my parents were so proud when I got my first license. I don't want to give it up. So I've been collecting CEU's and I'm taking the boards again.
    Would love comments and feedback....Thx������
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Doesn't your state offer the option of "inactive" status? Almost always, a person who contemplates leaving nursing is advised to place their license in inactive status. You never know that you may want, or need, to have that license available in the future. Preparing to retake the NCLEX is a daunting task. Hope you are able to pass with flying colors.
  4. by   Genimini
    Hey fellow nurse, I am in exactly the same situation as yours. I gave up nursing in 2008 after 12 years of practice;but strangely I want to go back now.
    So,yeah I am studying to take nclex...I figured it s better than taking refresher course.
    Whether you take the exam or the class , you can do it!!Don't be discouraged by the ridiculous requirements of the bon's;they 'll be more than lucky to have an experienced nurse like you.
    God be with you.
  5. by   tamyo
    Hi. Sounds similar to me. How are you doing studying for the NCLEX? Not sure which way to go to go thru a community college program or push thru relearning all material for NCLEX. Would really appreciate your thoughts.
  6. by   tamyo
    Hi. Wondering how your study for taking NCLEX again went? Trying to figure out what going to be best for me.
  7. by   Cricket183
    I'm not sure what state you are in, but I just finished a Refresher Course required to reactivate my license in Texas. (I placed my RN license on inactive status 10 years ago due to medical disability.) The course really was not that bad. It's a lot of information, really fast but you'd be amazed at how quickly it all comes back to you. The didactic portion was 16 weeks and then I was required to do 80 hours of clinicals, which I was able to complete in two weeks time. (I also chose to do 16 hours of skills lab prior to clinicals but that was optional, not required.) It was costly, but I consider the cost relative to being able to return to nursing. Currently, I'm just waiting for all the paperwork to go through both the school and the BON.